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Souls by Iormi Souls :iconiormi:Iormi 26 16 SSS2017 - Kenneth and Serene by Iormi SSS2017 - Kenneth and Serene :iconiormi:Iormi 34 22 Konneko by Iormi Konneko :iconiormi:Iormi 34 10 Airi by Iormi Airi :iconiormi:Iormi 33 31 Colorful Sky by Iormi Colorful Sky :iconiormi:Iormi 44 37 Kogasa.gif by Iormi Kogasa.gif :iconiormi:Iormi 21 29 Wendy Judith Stella by Iormi Wendy Judith Stella :iconiormi:Iormi 29 12 Kyouko and Aunn by Iormi Kyouko and Aunn :iconiormi:Iormi 29 26 Kogasa by Iormi Kogasa :iconiormi:Iormi 38 29 Ftno by Iormi Ftno :iconiormi:Iormi 16 15 Like a popsicle in summer days by Iormi Like a popsicle in summer days :iconiormi:Iormi 47 30 Tenshi by Iormi Tenshi :iconiormi:Iormi 44 25 Hetalia by Iormi Hetalia :iconiormi:Iormi 29 22 Kourindou by Iormi Kourindou :iconiormi:Iormi 33 15 Konosuba by Iormi Konosuba :iconiormi:Iormi 46 32 Sweet Dream by Iormi Sweet Dream :iconiormi:Iormi 34 14


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I parody Touhou with Dark Souls series, a gloomy dark-fantasy RPG, it's very hard game for me ;w;
If you know the game you may familiar with their pose and the background (not truly same with the original XD)

Youmu (Dark Souls I : Artorias of the Abyss)  |  Momiji (Dark Souls II)  |  Tenshi (Dark Souls III)

I more prefer Mokou in the third, because Youmu and Momiji have white-silver hair so it's looks cohesive with others if i add her and also the flame/ember effect in original art but because i focus with sword user so i choose Tenshi, i choose her because her sword of Hisou colors light brightly like flame also her hobbies to travelling around world XD
In Momiji part, i change the original background with dark forest (not really looks like it ; v ;  ) and then in Tenshi part where the Red Knight "Soul of Cinder" holding cinder in his left palm in original art, i change it with . . . flame (it's supposed fire with spectrum colors effect but it's too yellow-ish in the end ; v ;  ) also the palace ruins in background i change with broken Torii, and nothing change in Youmu part XD

Art © Me
Touhou Project, Youmu Konpaku, Momiji Inubashiri, Tenshi Hinanawi © ZUN
Dark Souls series © Namco Bandai Games, From Software
SSS2017 - Kenneth and Serene
This is my assignment for the event, they're OC belong to archylea
I planning drawing them in the beach with golden sand but end up in the beach pier XD
I hope you like it archylea, sorry if this does not suit with what you wish  >///<

Thanks to ppgrainbow and :iconsecret-santa-network: for arrange this events

Art © Me
Kenneth Winter, Serene Hughes © archylea
This adorable Oc is belong to WhereIsMyHeartsBeat

She somekind of living doll, according her details she is a HeartDoll, i enjoyed draw her XD

Art © Me
Konneko Kokoro © WhereIsMyHeartsBeat
She is a OC that belong to :iconshana-1:
Well, i really enjoyed drawing her, she adorable XD
Hope you like it Shana XD

Art © Me
Airi © shana-1


Iormi's Profile Picture
Assalamu' Alaikum (May peace be upon you).

Sometimes i drawing just for kill my boredom, I drawing using PC, mouse, software Paint Tool SAI and a bit Photoshop magic.

Oh and my english isn't very good so i really sorry about that : (
Also i want to apologize to you all if my acts or my comments accidentally make you annoyed, angry or hurt you, really i don't mean to hurt anyone feelings.

My Pixiv :

Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear Stamp - Mouse User by firstfear


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